Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Collage Sheet & The Winners of the Giveaway!

Since my eclectic collage sheet went over, Eclectic Dream, I have deiced to produce a few more Eclectic Digital Collage Sheets.  I have been going thru all my files looking for the best eclectic images to be used and before I knew it "More Eclectic Dreams" was created!  There is no way I could stop there, I had to continue with more!  So later today you will be seeing "Even More Eclectic Dreams"...I might be needing to look for new names if I continue this! LOL

But you don't have to wait till I list the new collage sheet!  You can get a freebie right now!  Below is a 4x6 of 2 different repeating images that you will find on the new collage sheet.  The images are 1x1 inch squares.

Now onto the winners of the Giveaway!
Yes I did put the names in a hat!

And the winners are....

The Porcelain Rose will be receiving 5 original Postcards & 1 Digital Collage Sheet

The runner ups are Kristi, Hippie Chick & Beetique!  All three winners will be getting 1 free digital collage sheet each from my!

Winners, make sure you have contacted me at with your info so I can send you the winnings!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Stay Crafty!
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