Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Sheets & A New Shop!

Hello all of you awesome crafty people!
I have created another collection that I hope you find as adorable as I do!
I have entitled this collection "Whimsy"!
"Whimsy" Collage Sheet #140
This collection features a number of different images & I'm sure you will find just what you are looking for.  In the classic shabby chic theme of Teals & Pinks you will find Fairies, Butterflies, Birds, crowns, Marie Antoinette, Hot Air Balloons & lots more!

"Whimsy" Collage Sheet #167
  I just adore that little Giraffe! How can you say no?

This collection is available in 4 sizes right now, of course if you would like another size please feel free to contact me & I'll whip it up for you!

Now for my other set of news!
Here is a little background, as some of you may have read from one of my other blog posts, I have been working with 3d graphics for sometime now.  I have even incorporated some into my collage sheets.  

I have created so many different little 3d images that I thought I would open up a little shop to see if anyone else would like to work with them.

There is no real reason why these images must collect digital dust while some may find use for them in their creative works.

Here are a few sample of what you can find in my new shop!

Carousel horses
Steampunk Ladies

Shabby Chic Dressforms

Pretty & Trendy Ladies
All files sold in my new shop are in PNG format, as long as you have a graphic program that can open that kind of file you are set to go!  Feel free to contact me if you should have any questions about this. 

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