Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Selling on Etsy

After being on a hiatus I have decided to breath life back into my Etsy Shop, Calico Collage.  Honestly it hasn't been easy.  Etsy has made changes to their search algorithm and I am having to update all my listings to fit the new changes.  I have over 900 digital collage sheets and I've only updated 250 so far.

To share a little insight of what I'm doing, I'm focusing on mainly is the 1st image of each digital collage sheet listing, the item description and the tag words.
With the changes I have made thus far I have seen a raise in views and sales.  Sales are not were I would like them to be, but I'm not about to complain with these numbers.  When I compare October (my shop was on autopilot at the time) and November there is a big jump in overall views, faves & orders.

The only difference between the two months are what I mentioned above along with posting daily on Calico Collage's Facebook page & Instagram.
With this kind of turn around I will continue my updates.

I have also listed a few new collage sheets & I'm happy to say they are getting attention now with the new algorithm changes.

I will close for now, thank you for stopping by & seeing what I have to say.
Have a great day & stay crafty.

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