Sunday, May 11, 2014

Altered Art Doll Digital Collage Sheets

I've been really busy these past few weeks working on something a little different than what you normally see at Calico Collage.  I just love some of the unique Paper Art dolls that I have seen around the web & I just had to create something that designers could use in their creations.

Each of these sheets have had hours poured into each of them.  I have cut, cropped, manipulated & designed each element you see on the page.  What I personally love about each of the designs are the Doll's heads.  Each doll head was made by myself.  You will not find these adorable faces anywhere else.

As an added bonus to these collage sheets, when you buy them you will receive 2 digital files!
1 file is a flattened .JPG file, the other is a .PNG file with a with transparent background!

Come on by and check out each listing here: Calico Collage Art Dolls
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