Friday, November 27, 2015

Coming Back to Etsy

My +Etsy shop Calico Collage went on a hiatus before the holidays of 2014...well more like being put on auto pilot since Etsy started incorporated digital downloads.  The reason for the hiatus was because our family felt it was time to buy a house so that we could offer a better education for our sons.  I loved looking at all the different houses in our desired city, it was so hard to pick "the house" but we did and we knew it was the right house for us when we decided to take our boys with us to look our my husband's and my top 3 house picks.  When we took them into the last one the boys lite up like little christmas trees.  It was just a wonderful sight seeing them run around the large backyard and picking out "their" rooms.  We bought our home on December 23rd and started moving in on December 24.  Our sons were thrilled to spend Christmas Eve in the new house and enjoyed decorating our new fireplace with their stockings for Santa.  This was a wonderful time for our family and we were truly blessed.

During January we finished moving into our home and sat everything up for us.  Come February of 2015 I was ready to start focusing on my Calico Collage shop just when things took a chaotic turn.  The first weekend of February my husband was away on a practice military night parachute jump, this was his 14th jump.    I received a call late Saturday night explaining that he landed wrong and shattered his femur and was being air lifted to the closest hospital.  I called my parents to come in to tend to my boys and I left to be by my husband.

My husband's x-rays, before and after his surgary
My husband was in surgery for 6 long hours before they rolled him back to his room, he stayed at the hospital for 6 days and then they released to finish the rest of his recovery at our home.  Between the months of February to now things have been extremely chaotic, but now I'm seeing a light.  Now with it being a year since we have bought the house & I'm ready to focus on 2016 and work on revamping my Digital Collage Sheet Shop.  While Revamping my shop I'll be trying to update the blog to keep it all hand in hand.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a crafty day!

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