Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hello Monterey!

After 4 days & 2200 miles our trip to Monterey, CA is finally over with.  My husband has already started his school & we should be in our new place very soon!  I am so happy about thist, this living in hotels stinks!

It is going to take some time for me to get use to Cali. but I am sure it wont take me long, I am getting very spoilded by the veiw here.  I am going to have to place up Black Out Curtains near my computer or I will never get anything done. LOL

I am happy to see that art of all kinds are a live & well here.  I am going to have to set up a day for the hubby to watch the kids while I enjoy all the arts.

As for Calico with this move I have not been able to get any collage sheets listed, but I was able to place about 100 collage sheets up for sale @ my Artfire account.   Hopefully within the next few weeks we can get all of the moving behine us & I can get back to some new collage sheets!

Thats it for now!
Thanks for readying & Stay crafty!
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