Monday, May 9, 2011

Still Moving In

As I stated in my last blog post we have arrived in California.  We finally got into our house here in Seaside.  I am surrounded around boxes on top of boxes!!  This is one of those days that I wish I was a Jeanie & I could just wiggle my nose & everything would be unpacked and in it's place.... one can wish.

My computer is unpacked & since I am making this post our internet is up and running as well.  At night I will be starting on my LONG To Do list.  If you have contacted me about a special collage sheet, please know that I have not forgotten about you & that you will be getting your special order to you with in the week.

My Husband & Oldest Son, Monterey, CA
We are enjoying the sites and sounds of Monterey, which is only 10min from SeaSide.  Yesterday we went to "Lover's Point".  It was such a delight seeing the waves crashing in, the seagulls, the seals, the passer bys.  This is such a new experience for this country girl & I have to say I'm loving it.

As for Calico Collage news, I have signed up with You can see my "shop" on the front page.  This is such a great place for all sorts of Gifts & Goodies for everyone.   Make sure to check it out!

Thats it for now.
Thanks for reading & stay crafty!
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