Thursday, June 20, 2013

Halloween is in how many days?!?!?

My Halloween themed digital collage sheets have been selling more here lately, so I decided to look at how long we have til Halloween.  To my surprise Halloween is in 132 days!  Wow! In less that 5 months.  It's good to see all the "early bird" designers jumping in head first into crafting ahead for these fun holidays. 

After noticing this I thought I would create a post that showcases some of my most popular designs and show you are few new listings that I have listed.

Lets start with my most popular sheet.

Collage Sheet #945
 I received a request from Marie over at More SkyeJewels for a Raven filled sheet & this was the result.  I am truly happy with how this design came out.  What I think makes it so popular is the fact that it isn't limited to Halloween.

Another popular design is my simple Vintage Halloween collection. 

Collage Sheet #690
So many people love the Black Cat layered over the vintage 1800s "Witchery" sheet music booklet cover (pictured above) and the classic Ouija board image.  I beleive that is what makes this sheet so popular.

I have also paired up some Halloween themed sheets that have been marked down in price!
You can get these bundles of 2 for only $6.99!  That breaks down to $3.50 per sheet!

Witchy Women & The Witchery Bundle
Gothic Tattoo Bundle

 Now today I have also listed my popular designs, Gothic & Vintage Halloween, in the newly popular size - Half Domino!

Collage Sheet #103

Collage Sheet #620

These are not all I have to offer!  Go check out all my Halloween Sheets here!

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