Monday, June 10, 2013

Personal Art Collection & New Digital Collage Sheets

When I am not creating Digital Collage Sheets, I create 3D art using a program called Poser.
I have been doing this kind of art for a little over 12 years now.
Most of the work I do normally just gets put into a file on my computer and collects digital dust bunnies.  Sad isn't it?  So a little over a month ago a began thinking that maybe I should pull them out of the folders, knock off the digital dust and offer these works up in shop.

About a week ago I talked with Published Jewelry Designer, Kari Ashbury about creating a few pieces using these images.  I was so excited to see what she designed!

You can see more of her designs using my works on her blog - & I'm sure she will be listing the finished works in her shop soon at

She will also be offering finished art tiles for sale in her supply shop for other jewelry & mixed media art desginers to use in their works of art!
Find them here -

For those that would like to buy these works for your own designs, you can see all 4 digital collage sheets feathering my works in my shop at Calico Collage

Pretty Ladies in Domino Tile Size

If these sheets catch on I do hope to offer my many more designs I have tucked away for sale soon!

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